Pitter Patter Petsitters - Where Your Pet is Always # 1
Pet Sitting Services/Rates
While Away on Vacation (Maximum 4 animals)
First Consult = free
Second consult if required = 10$
Drop in Service (15 -20 min visit - includes playtime, feeding, short walk)
1 visit/day or 1 visit every other day = 25$
2 visits/day = 35$
3 visits/day = contact us for pricing
Overnight Service (Pet sitter stays in your home)*
55-60$/night (location dependent)
Medication administration fee/day (within same visit) = Add on 5$/day (under veterinary advice only)
Medication administration fee/visit (additional visit above 2x/day) = add 15$/visit (under veterinary advice only)
Additional animals over the maximum contact us for pricing.
Mid-Day Break (available Monday and Tuesday only)*
mid-day break drop in between 11am and 1pm (includes bathroom break and snack)
1 visit/week = 20$
2 visits/week = 40$
* limited space available
Other Services Available on request
Dog walking (prices range dependent on length of walk and number of dogs)
Nail trimming dogs and cats ( no assistance needed) 25$
Nail trimming with assistance(2 people) dogs and cats 45$
Nail trimming for Birds (requires 2 people) $40(small) 50$(large)
Nail trimming for exotic pets (rabbits/guinea pigs/rats) 25$/exotic
Subcutaneous fluid administration (Under Veterinary advice only) 25$/visit
Blood Glucose monitoring (Under Veterinary advice only) 25$/visit
Additional fees apply to all holidays
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